About Us.

Your one-stop-shop for all Cable Management Accessories. Tokye has been the premier leading name in the hardware manufacturing industry for the past couple of years. Tokye has earned its name as a leading hardware manufacturer and direct supplier company who has been serving the small businesses and houses in the United States and Europe. Wechoose the top-quality products to make sure we cater to all your needs and requirements. Tokye is recognized as theCable Management II Wire Organization which takes pride in serving the customers with the best available products.

What’s Tokye all about?

We are the leading cable management II wire organization which offer cable management boxes. All our boxes are first checked and tested in the US and Europe and then become available for consumer use. These boxes are simple but a great solution to hold and hide everything—power strips to excess cables. These electric cables don’t only look neater and tidier but even more attractive. The best thing is you can also be safer than loose cables, by keeping your children and pets away from extremely dangerous power strips and cords. These high-quality cable management boxes are the best way to protect the cabling from spills and dust.
Tokye About Us

But why cable management boxes?

We understand how much it could be challenging to fix the mess of unarranged cable wires. To solve this problem, we have come with a great idea to let our customers enjoy peace of mind by putting the nerve-racking mess of wires in a single box. So if your cables have gone a bit wild, then our cable management boxes will help you get them under control. Our smart idea is to offer you boxes that can hide your chargers in, as well as a set with cable clips and ties. So from behind your TV set to under your PC, these smart boxes will help you end the cable chaos.

The team behind Tokye.



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our product

We sell top-notch quality cable management boxes which are all in one super pack and are excellent heat dissipation. We don’t compromise on the quality and manufacturing of the boxes.
We have a lot of products at our store; you can choose according to your needs. We offer a highly functional cable management box and cord organizer with cable kit. You can now protect your kids from touching power and also power adapter and cables from dust. We offer XXL sockets and cable box made of high-quality material with high density and fire retardant material.

What makes our product good?

Quality always matters! You can find a lot of cheap quality products at the market which pre-claim to offer ultimate functionality but fail to do so. Our company takes care of this, and that’s why offer customers solid material for the rough application. We use ecologically clean materials in manufacturing. All our cable management boxes are easy to clean and heat dissipation.


Every company possesses some core competencies; we also own some characteristics that make Tokye different from others.