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Black Cable Management Box


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Cable Organizer Pros

Hides cables out of sight

Tuck your TV cables neatly away with a wire organizer to get rid of a distracting mess.

Enables a clean home cinema setup

An electronic cord organizer does away with embarrassing cable spaghetti!

Promotes easy cleaning

Less cable mess means simpler tidying up. Plus, the Tokye wire box is a breeze to clean.

Makes cables accessible

A TV cord organizer stores cables well, is easy to use, and makes untangling obsolete.

Allows for fast setup

You can set up your TV cable management wire organizer set in no more than 5-10 minutes.

Trusted worldwide

More than 2000 outstanding reviews give our electronic cord organizer positive product feedback.


Delivers top performance

As an award-winning product, you can expect only the best quality from our TV cord organizer sets.

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Pro Tip:
: Keep in mind that if you are using USB extension cords with your wire organizer, USB 3.0 cables are only functional at lengths up to 5m. Past this, the signal becomes unreliable, causing the devices or software running over it to crash.

Author: Dima Topol
Position: Founder
Last Update: August 2020

Installation Prep

To start using your cable organizer, start by unplugging everything and starting from scratch. Do not try to re-route existing connections without unplugging them first.
Next, dust the cables and cable organizer wire box off. Use a bottle of compressed air or feather duster, not water! Even a damp cloth can cause damage to your cables.
Decide which cables you’re going to be plugging and unplugging often and need ready at-hand. Then figure out where you want your Cable Clips to be.
Dust off the surface that you are going to be installing the Cable Clips onto.
Pro Tip: For the best sticking experience, wait 24 hours before installation.
Plan out where each cable is going to go. Receiver/TV cables, device cables, network cables, etc. all need to be accounted for.


Put the specified wires into the cable clips, then wrap the cables together using the colored cable ties.

Wrap the cords in the TV cable management sleeve and stick the sleeve to the back of the TV or another place out of sight. Then, close the cable management sleeve.

Now, plug the wires into the surge protector, and place that inside of your electric cord organizer box.

Pro Tip: Wrap your cords in the TV cable management sleeve starting at the cable clips and make your way down the wires, rather than starting at the TV cable management box and working up. This will take any excess wire away from the TV and make them easier to store in the wire organizer box.

Finally, put your black wire organizer on the floor.

Our Answers to Common Questions

Q1: Is the cable organizer wall-mountable or under-the-desk mountable?
A: Yes. The TV cable management wire box can be mounted on both the wall and under a table. Simply pre-drill the holes on the marked points in the inside of the wire box.
Q2: Can the Cable Management Sleeve be used on both sides?
A: Yes, the TV Cable Management Sleeve is reversible. One side is black while the other is white, allowing you to choose the color that best matches your surrounding décor. The TV Cable Management Sleeve is made especially for ease-of-use and functionality.
Q3: Can you use the wire boxes on top of a desk, or is it too large?
A: Yes, you can definitely use the wire box on top of your desk. This allows for even easier access to charging cords and USB cables. Plus, you can put decorations on top of the wire organizer box.
Q4: Are the wire boxes matte finish or are they glossy?
A: The TV cable management wire boxes have a matte finish.
Q5: Will the Wire Box fit a Belkin 8-Outlet Surge Protector? (14.5 x 6.15 x 2.25 in)
A: Yes, it can. We have even seen customers using the Belkin BP11223008 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug with our cable organizer boxes, which is one of the biggest surge protectors on the market.
Q6: Is the Wire Box made of any dangerous materials?
A: Our tv cable organizer boxes are BPA & PVC free, and are made out of heat-resistant ABS plastic.
Q7: What are the innVer dimensions of the wire box?
A: Each TV cable management wire box has the following dimensions: 16.0 x 6.13 x 5.2 inches (l x w x h).

Want a Different Look?

For every wire organizerbox color we offer, there are two design variations. This gives you the option to choose the cable organizer setbox that best suits your home or office space.

What Makes a Good


So, you’ve come to the conclusion that you may need a cable organizer but want to make sure you’re getting the best product for your money. That’s why you need to know what makes a good-quality cable organizer. Most importantly, a cable organizer must be convenient to use.
The whole purpose of a cable organizer set is to make life easier. Jumbled, hard to handle cables can’t be organized with an equally hard-to-use cable organizer. Simplicity is essential. That’s why Tokye made sure that each electronic cord organizer set and wire box is easy to use.
With a Velcro TV cable management sleeve, cable organizer clips, colorful cable ties, and a two-piece wire box, organizing your wire setup is not only easy, but fun, too! Plus, the cable clips and openable TV cable management sleeve keep all your wires convenient for easy access.
Besides accessibility and convenience, a good cable organizer set should also be made with safe materials. That’s why the Tokye cable organizer wire box is made with ecologically clean, flame retardant materials. Plus, each cable organizer wire box is made with high-density anti-scratch plastic. This guarantees that your cable organizer is long-lasting.

Wire Organizer Facts

The wire organizer lid is safe, secure, and will not fall open

Tokye Wire Organizer Fire Proof

It is made of high-density ABS fireproof material

Tokye Wire Organizer Lifespan

It has a lifespan of 10+ years of indoor use

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Cable Box Black edition

1.81 lbs
ABS – Flame Retardant Material
1 pc.

Cable Sleeve

0.42 lbs
Black / white
1 pc.

Cable Clips

4 x 0.23 oz
TPR + Gum
4 pc.

Cable Ties

6 x 0.07 lbs
6 different colors
6 pc.

Our Promise to You

Like all our home improvement products and accessories, our TV cable management organizer comes with our lifetime guarantee that ensures your purchase is risk-free.

Our number one priority is your happiness and safety. We make each cable organizer with our customers in mind, and work hard to make our products to high standards.

That’s why our products are made with safe, high-quality materials and are user-friendly.

Wire Organizer Accessibility Benefits​

Accessibility, time efficiency, and a good cable organizer set go hand in hand. There is little worse in day-to-day life than knowing that precious time is being wasted. We all have the same amount of time in our days, but the thing that sets us apart is how we use those hours.
We all want to make the most of our time, but even the most ambitious person will face setbacks. Many of these setbacks can be caused by problems with technology. This is why so many new planning and scheduling software are being made these days, and it’s also why a cable organizer set and wire box are so important.
A cable organizer gets rid of clutter and makes wires more accessible. Accessible is the key word here. The Tokye electronic cord organizer set and cable organizer wire box comes with cable clips that are necessary for anyone who wants to save time. Without a cable organizer wire box and cable clips, you’ll spend time searching for and untangling chargers and other wires you need for your daily tasks.
The cable management sleeve is also a key player in TV cable management. Nothing can gather your wires and keep them tangle-free as well as a TV cable management sleeve can. Untangling your wires is one thing, but neatly storing them in a cable management sleeve will prevent tangles from forming, eliminating messes before they can even happen.
A cable organizer also prevents wires from being accidentally pulled and unplugged. If you have ever tripped over a wire, or gotten a chair caught on a cable and unplugged it, you’ll know that this is a frustrating situation that can easily be avoided.
A tugged wire can also result in a broken appliance, injuries, and simply a broken wire. A wire organizer set and wire box prevent this entirely. A good wire organizer keeps wires accessible, while also making them safe and secure.
Not only will cable organizer clips and a TV cable management box make your TV area look more presentable, it will also prevent accidents that steal your time.

How a Cable Organizer Helps with Home Cleaning

Most people don’t like having to clean behind their shelves, cabinets, drawers, dressers, or TVs. Maybe you don’t give the space behind your TV a second thought, but a good cable organizer wire box can completely change things.

Allergies, asthma, and rashes can all be caused by forgotten dust that collects in hard-to-reach areas of your house. Why let your own home cause you health problems? A cable organizer set can make these areas much easier to dust by completely eliminating tangled cables. With a TV cord organizer set and wire box, your wires will take up much less space, allowing a duster or broom to get into places it hasn’t been able to before.

Plus, you can easily dust and wipe a cable organizer wire box and cable management sleeve. You can’t say that about loose wires. A cable organizer set is a part of home cleanliness, as well as your health. This includes mental health, too!

Research shows that a messy environment can cause stress and unproductivity. Anyone living around jumbled, tangled wires can account to this. A cable organizer set that can keep your wires neatly stored away will positively impact your decisions and behavior. It is also proven that a neat environment promotes healthy eating habits and even generosity.

The Black Wire Box can be put on the floor, even if you wish the floor, liquid can not came into the inside of the box. Customers love our Wire box, due you can easy lift the box up and wish below the box the dust away.

B2B Wire Box Price Requests

Retailers and other B2B customers, please get in contact with us at Your requests will be replied to within 12 hours maximum.

TV Cable Management Sleeve Usage

One of the things that sets Tokye’s cable organizer set apart from others is that ours comes with a unique TV cable management sleeve. While another tv cable organizer set may come with plastic tubes or other hard-to-use wire routing materials, our electric cord organizer set comes with a skillfully designed Velcro TV cable management sleeve. It’s bendable and accommodating to all types of wires and makes organization simple.

The TV cable management sleeve is soft, which allows for worry-free protection of your wires. Once the wires are tucked away in your cable management sleeve, simply stick the sleeve out of sight and rest-assured that your wires are safe from damage.

A Good TV Cord Organizer and Why It’s So Useful

Why is having a wire organizer increasingly important these days? It all comes down to the amount of technology we use on a daily basis.
Our home theaters and TV setups are only getting more complex each year. High-tech speakers, router boxes, screens, gaming systems, and more are all powered by wires that get pushed out of sight and forgotten, but with all this technology, something is sure to go wrong sooner or later. When you need to figure out why your HDMI port isn’t connecting to your Blu-Ray player just as you and your friends are sitting down to watch a movie, you don’t want to have to scramble through a giant mess of wires. It’s not only frustrating and stressful, but embarrassing!
Modern entertainment systems call for a modern cable organizer. That’s where Tokye’s TV cord organizer box sets come into play. Just follow the steps below and your TV area will look better than ever. TV cable management has never been simpler.
TV cable management has never been safer, either, than with the Tokye cable organizer set. One of the main problems with having so much technology in one place is that the wires form a web in one spot on your floor, or in the back of a shelf. A dozen different plugs all tangled around a surge protector or outlet is, first and foremost, a fire hazard!
Plugs can overheat and cause blackouts, electric surges, and can damage your entertainment systems, too. A fire-resistant cable organizer set consisting of a wire box, cable management sleeve, cable ties, and cable clips make cable organization so simple that anyone can do it, while also making it safe.
Heard enough yet? Well, the benefits of an electronic cord organizer set don’t end there! Keep reading to learn more about how an electronic cord organizer can benefit your daily life.
Customer Feedbacks
4.9 Out of 5
735 Product Ratings from US Customer
Tihan R. - Norcross, GA
Tihan R. - Norcross, GA
United States
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Not too complicated to use the wire box

I am not good with technical things, which is probably one of the reasons for my tangled wires in the first place. The wire box was really simple to figure out, and the TV cable management sleeve was a good touch.
P. Hasan - New Haven, CT
P. Hasan - New Haven, CT
United States
Read More
Electric cord organizer box fits my surge protector

The wire box fits multiple sizes of surge protectors. I had bought a smaller one with the idea of using it specifically for this wire box, but it turns out I didn’t need it. The large one I already had worked fine.
Clark – Rangeley, ME
Clark – Rangeley, ME
United States
Read More
Wire organizer worked fine to organize clutter

The only criticism I have with this wire box is that it could be bigger. It fits my 12-outlet surge protector very well, but not my external hard drives. Still, it was a good purchase.
Dawn – Boston, MA
Dawn – Boston, MA
United States
Read More
TV area is presentable now!

My TV stand is completely open on the bottom and all the wires are exposed. I looked into tv cable management and found Tokye’s electric cord organizer. This was a great purchase! The TV cable management sleeve holds all the wires in place and totally eliminates tangles. Definitely necessary.
David L. – Naples, FL
David L. – Naples, FL
Read More
Great quality

The wire organizer is worth the price I paid. The value is good, and the wire box quality is good for your money. It’s exactly the type of electric cord organizer I was looking for.
NadineBr – Jamaica, NY
NadineBr – Jamaica, NY
United States
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Plastic box for holding cords

This is a tv cord organizer that attempts to get rid of clutter behind your TV and electronics. It comes with a wire box, cable clips, colorful cable ties, and a TV cable management sleeve. The wire box is made of thin plastic and holds large surge protectors easily. I liked the colorful cable ties, and the TV cable management sleeve with the holes for the wires to come out of is a great idea!
Nathan – Columbus, OH
Nathan – Columbus, OH
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You need this electronic cord organizer for gaming

I hate having to deal with console plugs and controller chargers. I have three gaming consoles in the same place, so you can imagine how many wires I deal with on a daily basis. A TV cable management set was needed. I set up the cable clips so that the charging cables are within reach. Those are probably my favorite part of the TV cord organizer set.