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White Wood Lid Box

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Cable Management Box Value Set – Get your cables out of sight

Buy Tokye’s Cable Management Box set and receive an XXL Box, 4pc Cable Clips, a two-sided Cable Management Sleeve, and color-coded Cable Ties. Wire organization is easier than ever. Cable Box set-up takes less than 10 minutes. Keep your loved ones safe with proper wire organization. Get rid of loose, tangled wires that are potential choking, suffocating, and electrocuting hazards. Keep your wires safely stored and put away to prevent damage to your appliances, and injury to children and pets. Make your home presentable. With a good cable management set, you’ll never have to deal with embarrassing cable spaghetti. Take control of your cables with Tokye’s Cable Management Box set.✔


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Cable Organizer Pros

Hides cables out of sight

Tuck your cables neatly away with a computer wire organizer to get rid of a distracting mess.

Enables a clean home cinema setup

Neat computer wire management is especially important when little ones are around. Keep your computer cords out of reach with a computer cable management kit.

Promotes easy cleaning

Less cable mess means simpler tidying up. Plus, the Tokye computer cable management kit is a breeze to clean.

Makes cables accessible

A cable storage box stores cables well, is easy to use, and makes untangling obsolete.

Allows for fast setup

You can set up your computer cable organizer in no more than 5-10 minutes.

Trusted worldwide

As an award-winning product, you can expect only the best quality from our cable storage box sets.


Delivers top performance

As an award-winning product, you can expect only the best quality from our TV cord organizer sets.

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Pro tip:

Have a designated area in your room for frequently used cables, that way, the cables that you use often can be kept more accessible than the cables you want stored away.

Author: Dima Topol
Position: Founder
Last Update: August 2020


Put the specified wires into the installed cable clips, then use the colored cable ties to secure the wires together.

Wrap the wires in the cable sleeve to keep them safe and secure. Then, stick the sleeve to the back of your desk, TV stand, counter, or wherever is most convenient.

Next, place your surge protector inside of your computer cable organizer box and plug in your wires.

Pro Tip: When wrapping your cords in the cable sleeve, start at the end with the cable clips and end at the computer wire organizer box, rather than starting at the computer wire organizer box and working towards the cable clips. This way any excess cords can be hidden in the computer wire organizer box.

Lastly, you can put your computer wire organizer box where you want it, and secure the lid in place.

Installation Prep

To start using your computer wire management kit, unplug everything and start from scratch. Do not try to re-route existing connections without unplugging them first.

Next, dust the cables, cable storage box, and wire sleeve off. Use a bottle of compressed air or a feather duster, not water! Even a damp cloth can cause damage to your cables.

Decide which cables you’re going to be plugging and unplugging often and need ready at-hand. Then figure out where you want your cable clips to be.

Dust off the surface that you are going to be installing the cable clips onto.

Pro Tip: For the best sticking experience, wait 24 hours before installation.

Plan out where each cable is going to go. Laptop/desktop/computer cords, phone cables, printer cables, etc. all need to be accounted for.

Our Answers to Common Questions

Q1: Is the unit wall-mountable?
A: The cord hider box is both wall-mountable and under-the-desk mountable. Just drill the holes on the marked spots on the cord hider box.

Q2: Can the cord hider box be placed on top of a desk without taking up too much space?
A: Yes. On average to large sized desks, the cord hider box will not take up too much space and will allow for easier access to cords and USB cables. However, it may be a problem for small desks. 

Q3: What are the dimensions of the box?
A:  The cable storage box dimensions are 16.1 x 6.2 x 5.3 inches (l x w x h).

Q4: What materials is the box made of?
A: Each cable storage box is made of heat-resistant ABS plastic. They are also BPA and PVS free.

Q5: Is the computer wire management box matte finish?
A: Yes, they each have a matte finish. .

Want a Different Look?

There are two design variations for every computer wire organizer box color we offer, giving you the freedom to pick the computer wire organizer box set that best fits with the décor of your home or office space.

Why Should You Get a Cord Hider Box?

Buying and using a cord box can be a big project. Not only does it cost money, it takes effort to set up properly. With a busy schedule and more than enough responsibilities, you may be wondering why a cable box is even necessary. Well, if you have messy computer cords or cables, then you know first-hand how they can negatively affect your day to day life.

Unorganized cords lead to wasted time and stress. Having to crawl on the dusty floor to check the correct computer cords when your WiFi suddenly stops working is made a lot more difficult when you can’t tell which cord is which. This one simple task of fixing the connection to your computer can easily eat up your time. With a computer cable management kit and cord box, your cables can be neatly stored away and kept untangled and accessible.

With a cord box, you won’t have to get on your hands and knees staring at wire spaghetti. A good cord computer cable management kit and cord box will be able to prevent your computer cords from tangling in an easy, fashionable way.

The best aspect of a good cord box is that, while it keeps your computer cords neatly organized, it is also a box to hide cords. With a computer cable management kit and cord box, you can keep your computer cords out of sight. A cord box, or cord hider box, keeps you from having to look at jumbled cords every day. This leads to less stress and more productivity! Or, take the TV area for instance.

If your messy TV cables are exposed, they can end up distracting you from what you’re trying to watch. And, if something disconnects and doesn’t work, without a cable storage box, you’re going to have to spend your time fussing with wires instead of watching your show.

Cord Hider Box Facts

The cord hider box lid is safe, secure, and will not fall open​

Tokye Wire Organizer Fire Proof

Each cord hider box is made of high-density ABS fireproof materials​

Tokye Wire Organizer Lifespan

The cord hider box has a lifespan of 10+ years of indoor use​

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1 pc.
ABS – Flame Retardant Material
1.81 lbs

Cable Box White edition

1 pc.
Black / white
SBR (Neoprene)
0.42 lbs

Cable Sleeve

4 pc.
TPR + Gum
4 x 0.23 oz

Cable Clips

6 pc.
6 different colors
6 x 0.07 lbs

Cable Ties

Our Promise to You

Like all our home improvement products and accessories, our computer wire management set comes with our lifetime guarantee that ensures your purchase is risk-free.

Our number one priority is your happiness and safety. We make each computer wire management set with our customers in mind, and work hard to make our products to high standards.

That’s why our products are made with safe, high-quality materials and are user-friendly.

Improving Your Health with a Cord Hider Box

It may come as a surprise to hear that certain things in our environment can deeply affect us. Messy computer cords and cables lead to a messy room. In fact, everything in your room may be clean and organized, but a jumble of computer cords attracts the eye and takes away from the cleanliness of everything else. That’s where a computer cable management kit comes in.
Cleanliness is an important point when thinking about using a cable storage box to deal with your TV or computer cords. Exposed cables attract dust, and since cables are often pushed out of sight behind a desk or shelf, they usually aren’t cleaned as much as they should be. Forgotten-about dust can lead to allergies, asthma, and even rashes. But, cleaning your tv or computer cords can be a challenge without a good computer cable management kit.
Don’t let your wires cause you health issues! Keeping your cables clean can be impossible when they’re in hard to reach places. Getting a feather duster or vacuum into the tight space behind your TV stand or desk isn’t easy. The best way to go about keeping your cables clean is to use a computer cable management kit or cord box.
With a cable storage box to hide wires, TV cords, and computer cords, you can keep your wires protected from the elements. Simply place your surge protector and plugs into the TV or computer management cord box and put on the lid. This not only prevents dust from forming, but protects your wires from anything banging into them. Then, wrap your wires in a cable sleeve to hold them together and keep them from tangling.
Both the cable storage box and the cable sleeve are easy to clean, making dust-caused health problems a thing of the past. Just wipe them down or go over them with a duster. It only takes a few seconds. Once your TV and computer cords are organized and put away, you’ll have less to clean and less to worry about. Plus, you’ll have much more space without all that cable spaghetti.
Once your cables are neatly stored away with the TV or PC cable management kit, the room will look and feel cleaner, making you feel more productive and less stressed. Not only that, but a clean environment promotes healthy eating habits and even generosity. That’s what computer cable management is all about. If you have messy wires in your home or office space, do yourself a favor and invest in a TV and computer wire management kit.

How Can a Computer Cable Management Kit Keep You Safe?

Exposed wires are more than just eye sores, they are safety hazards for the ones we love. Exposed TV and computer cords are choking hazards, and shocking hazards to young children and pets. For those with children, it is not a surprising sight to see their child playing beneath tables and desks with things they find on the floor. Loose wires and computer cords are often magnets for curious little hands.
300 people die from electrocution each year. Playing with wires can lead to electrocution. Children who plug and unplug wires often, or pets who chew on exposed wires, are liable to get injured or killed. Wires have also proven to be choking hazards for small children. 1,580 children died from suffocation in the year 2000. Don’t be a statistic! Do what you can to keep your loved ones safe. There are enough things in this world that puts us in danger, so why let your TV and computer cords be added to that long list?
If you want to do your best to prevent accidental injury and death, you’ll need a TV or PC cable management kit, or at the least you’ll need a box to hide cords. When your cables are out of sight, children and pets will be less tempted to play with them.
Tokye’s TV and computer cable management kit includes everything you need to neatly organize and store your cables and computer cords. It includes a cable sleeve, cable ties, cable clips, and a cord hider box. Each of these computer cable management tools will help you make your TV and computer areas look neater than ever before.
Don’t put your loved ones at risk. Keep them safe with a good-quality TV and computer cable management kit.

The White Wire Box can be put on the floor, even if you wish the floor, liquid can not came into the inside of the box. Customers love our Wire box, due you can easy lift the box up and wish below the box the dust away.

B2B Cord Hider Box Price Requests

Retailers and other B2B customers, please get in contact with us at Your request will be replied to within 12 hours maximum.

Where You Should Use Your Cord Hider Box

In the living room: A box to hide cords is especially helpful in rooms where cords are a distraction. When you’re in your living room, you want to be enjoying your family and friends, playing games, and watching TV. Nobody wants to be distracted by unsightly cable spaghetti. Without computer cable management, our cables are often shoved behind the couch or TV stand. We may think that our cables are not a problem, but when we have to try and get the DVD player working, or the new speakers plugged in, messing around with confusing cables is the last thing we want to do. That’s why a cord hider box is so important. A cord hider box will prevent your cords from being a distraction and will help keep your attention on what really matters.
In the office: Computers, screens, speakers, printers, scanners, and more all require being plugged in. With so many electronics around, computer wire management is extremely important. A computer wire organizer will keep your wires safe, secure, and out of the way. Good computer wire management can help you focus on work, and can make your office look professional. With a neat office, you’ll be able to take yourself more seriously and get more done. Your computer cable organizer can take all your computer cords, wrap them up, and store them safely, hidden away, for years to come.
In the kitchen or bathroom: Our entertainment and works areas aren’t the only places where we have a bounty of electronics. With blenders, mixers, coffee makers, soda makers, or electric toothbrushes, hair straighteners, and blow dryers, it can often seem like wires have taken over the house. If you want to take back your counter space, you need a cord hider box. With a computer wire organizer, you’ll be able to direct all your wires away from your counters, clearing up space and making your house welcoming. Plus, loose wires near plumbing fixtures can often lead to sparks, shocks, and outages. With a computer cable organizer, you won’t have to worry about getting your wires wet.

Pro Tip: Have a designated area in your room for frequently used cables, that way, the cables that you use often can be kept more accessible than the cables you want stored away.

Computer Cable Management Box Set Reviews
4.9 Out of 5
735 Product Ratings from US Customer
Bettyann A. - Fort Myers, FL
Bettyann A. - Fort Myers, FL
United States
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A Review for People Who Game and Watch Movies

I decided to get a computer cable organizer because my living room TV and computer cords were getting out of hand. This computer wire management kit comes with the best cable box I’ve seen. It is the perfect box to hide computer cords, which is helpful since my TV stand is see-through glass. My TV, game, and computer cords are neatly put away, and practically out of sight now.
Jason H. - Max Meadows, VA
Jason H. - Max Meadows, VA
United States
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Cable Storage Box Fits All of My Cords and Cables

The cord hider box can hold all of my TV cables and computer cords easily. The box is slightly bendable which makes storing it and packing in wires quite easy. Now my TV area is completely presentable. All my TV and computer cords are labeled and put away!
Esther M. - Chattanooga, TN
Esther M. - Chattanooga, TN
United States
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Computer Cable Organizer Fits Large Surge Protectors

I bought this computer cable organizer so that I could keep my desk/office area looking neat. This computer cable organizer fits all my computer cords, and even works with the surge protector I was already using, so I didn’t even need to get a new one. This is the best cable box to hide cords.
Clyde S. - Portland, OR
Clyde S. - Portland, OR
United States
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Amazing Computer Wire Management For People With OCD

One of my biggest pet peeves is tangled cables. I purchased this computer cable organizer mainly because of the color coded cable ties. I love to be able to hide my computer cords in the cord box! It takes a lot of stress out of my day now that I don't have messy wires. I never really thought about computer cable management before, but I'm glad that has changed.
Kenneth T. - Belle Glade, FL
Kenneth T. - Belle Glade, FL
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Best Cable Box to Get Rid of Your Mess

This is the best cable box I have used for my computer cords and TV cords. It got rid of the mess of cables behind my TV and hid the computer cords beneath my desk. I liked the bendable cable sleeve especially, and the cable clips were helpful for my game control chargers. The cord box itself fit everything I expected it to.
Terry O. - Salt Lake City, UT
Terry O. - Salt Lake City, UT
United States
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Cord Box Prevenets Cats From Biting Wires

My computer cords were getting all chewed up by my kitten, and I was afraid he would get shocked or something. I got this computer cable organizer mainly for the bendable cable sleeve. I really like how it is double sided. Between that and the cord box, there is no way for my kitten get to the computer cords anymore.
Kim C. - Garden City, NY
Kim C. - Garden City, NY
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Well Designed Computer Cable Organizer

Not many people realize that organizing computer cords is so important. This computer cable organizer works just as I hoped it would. The cord box fits underneath my desk and doesn’t take up much foot room. The computer cable organizer kit does just as it should and gets rid of loose, messy wires that could be a danger to my kids and pets. The computer cable organizer took a while to set up, but I’m beyond happy with the results.