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Black Wood Lid Box


Cable Management Box Value Set – Get your cables out of sight

Buy Tokye’s Cable Management Box set and receive an XXL Box, 4pc Cable Clips, a two-sided Cable Management Sleeve, and color-coded Cable Ties. Wire organization has never been easier. Cable Box set-up takes no more than 10 minutes and lasts for years. Wire organization has never been safer, either. Messy wires are a suffocating and electrocuting hazard for children. Keep your loved ones safe with a cable management system. You’ll never have to deal with wire spaghetti again. Stop letting wires control your life! Take control with Tokye’s Cable Management Box set.✔


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Hides cables out of sight

Tuck your cables neatly away with a wire organizer to get rid of a distracting mess.

Enables a clean home cinema setup

Neat cable storage is especially important when little ones are around. Keep your power cords out of reach with a power cord organizer box and wire cover strip.

Promotes easy cleaning

Less cable mess means simpler tidying up. Plus, the Tokye power cord organizer and wire cover strip are a breeze to clean.

Makes cables accessible

A power cord organizer stores cables well, is easy to use, and makes untangling obsolete.

Allows for fast setup

You can set up your cord organizer set in no more than 5-10 minutes.

Trusted worldwide

More than 2000 outstanding reviews give our power cord organizer positive product feedback.

Cable Organizer Pros

Delivers top performance

As an award-winning product, you can expect only the best quality from our power cord organizer sets.

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Pro tip:

USB 3.0 cables only work at lengths up to 5m. If you are using this type of USB extension cord with your cord organizer box, make sure to keep the length reasonable, otherwise the devices or software running over it may crash.

Author : Dima Topol

Position: Founder

Last Update: August 2020

Installation Prep

Step 1 – Start from scratch. Unplug all the wires you want to organize before you start. This will prevent damage to the wires and the possibility for electric shock.
Step 2 – Dust off the cables, cable storage box, and wire cover strip using a dry cloth, a bottle of compressed air, or a feather duster. Always avoid water when cleaning electronics!
Step 3 – Map out the placement of your cable clips. They should be placed near the wires you’ll be plugging and unplugging often and need available.
Step 4 — Clean the surface you will be sticking the cable clips to.

Pro Tip: Wait 24 hours before using the cable clips for the strongest stick.

Step 5 – Make a plan for how you want your wires to be organized. Set up all your laptop/desktop/computer cables, phone cables, printer cables, etc. for use with the cable cover strip sleeve, cable ties, and computer cable storage box.


Step 1 – Once the cable clips are installed, insert the specified wires into the cable clips and wrap them together with the cable ties.
Step 2 – Use the cable cover strip sleeve to wrap the wires. Once the wires are secure and the cable cover strip sleeve is closed, stick the sleeve to the back of your desk or another place out of sight.
Step 3 – Plug the wires into your surge protector and store it inside of your computer cable storage box.

Pro Tip: To prevent excess wire from being visible, wrap them in the cable cover strip sleeve starting at the cable clips. Then, continue putting the wires into the cable cover strip sleeve as you make your way down the wires. This way, you can store any leftover wire in the cable storage box.

Step 4 – Put the lid on your cable storage box and place it on the floor.

Our Answers to Common Questions

Q1: What are the inner dimensions of the cable storage box?
A: Each cable storage box has the following dimensions: 16.1 x 6.2 x 5.3 inches (L x W x H).
Q2: Is the wire cover strip sleeve reversible
A: Yes. The wire cover strip can be used on both sides, making it easy for homes and office spaces of all designs.
Q3: Does the cable storage box have a glossy or matte finish?
A: The cable storage boxes all have a matte finish.
Q4: Does the cord storage box contain BPAs and PVCs?
A: No. Each cord storage box is free of BPAs and PVCs and is also made of heat-resistant ABS plastic.
Q5: Does this box make wires accessible?
A: Yes. The cable management box’s lid is easy to remove, allowing all your cables to be easily accessed.
Q6: Is the cord organizer box wall-mountable or under-the-desk mountable?
A: Yes. The cord organizer box can be mounted on both the wall and under a table. Simply pre-drill the holes on the marked points in the inside of the cord organizer box.
Q7: Can you use a cord organizer box on top of a desk, or is it too large?
A: Yes, you can definitely use the cord organizer box on top of your desk. This allows for even easier access to charging cords and USB cables. Plus, you can put decorations on top of the cord organizer box.
Q8: Will the cable storage box fit a Belkin 8-Outlet Surge Protector? (14.5 x 6.15 x 2.25 in)
A: Yes, it will. We have even seen customers using the Belkin BP11223008 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug with our cord organizer boxes, which is one of the biggest surge protectors on the market.

Want a Different Look?

Check out the other computer cable storage box designs we offer. There is a design fit for every room in your house. This means that you can choose the one that best suits you.

how can a Cord Organizer Set KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE?

Firstly, the cable storage box keeps your surge protector out of sight and away from curious hands. With a cable storage box, plugs are kept sufficiently covered by stiff, safe plastic. The wires are led out of the cable storage box through a single opening, which helps to keep the wires going in the same direction. Once outside of the box, the cable cover strip wraps the cables in a soft, protective sleeve that prevents wires from tangling. This cable cover strip also holds wires together, making it much harder for them to get pulled and played with by little ones.
The cable cover strip was made with accessibility in mind, though. So, while putting your wires into the cord sleeve keeps them away from little hands, the wires are not made inaccessible for you. Small openings along the cord sleeve allow for you to pull out necessary cables at different lengths along the cord sleeve. So, wires of multiple lengths can be stored in the same cord sleeve.
The colored cable ties can be used to color code cables and organize them further. When cables are color coded, it is much easier to distinguish between your many wires.

Pro Tip: Wrap your cables tightly with the cable cover slip and cable ties. This will make it harder for children to get to your wires.

Finally, the cable clips offer up a good way to teach your children which wires they can use, and which they can’t. Cables that benefit from being put into the cable clips are those that you need to access often, such as gaming cables and charging cables. Tell you children that the only wires they are allowed to use are the ones stuck in the cable clips. The other wires are not to be touched.

The most important thing about keeping your cables child-friendly is to keep them out of sight. We all know the saying: out of sight, out of mind. That’s why our cable storage boxes and cord sleeves keep wires covered. However, just because your cables are out of sight does not mean that they are safe. It is the use of the cable storage box, the cable cover strip, the cable ties, and the cable clips that keep your wires constrained and child-safe.

Don’t risk having messy, loose cables. Cable spaghetti not only looks terrible, but can create terrible situations, too. Avoid injury and keep your cables organized! Using a cord organizer is the best way to do this.



The cord organizer box lid is safe, secure, and will not fall open​


Each cord organizer box is made of high-density ABS fireproof materials​


The cord organizer box has a lifespan of 10+ years of indoor use​

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1 pc.
ABS – Flame Retardant Material
1.81 lbs

Cable Box Black edition

1 pc.
Black / white
0.42 lbs

Cable Sleeve

4 pc.
TPR + Gum
4 x 0.23 oz

Cable Clips

6 pc.
6 different colors
6 x 0.07 lbs

Cable Ties

Our Promise to You

You can rest assured knowing that every purchase you make with us is risk-free. That’s because each of our products comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We promise that all our products are made with only the best and safest materials. This is because our number one priority is your happiness, health, and safety. We make each power cord organizer box set with our customers in mind, and do whatever it takes to make our products meet your high standards.

Why Do You Need a

Cord Organizer Box Set?

Cord organizer sets are quickly becoming more and more important in today’s world. Just look at the average living room or office space and you’ll notice untamed tangles of wires right away. Shoved behind shelves or hidden beneath desks, even if a mess of wires is out of sight, there are many reasons for why wires shouldn’t be tangled together in the first place.
The most obvious reason is that it’s unpleasant to look at. Just being around a mess is proven to cause stress and to reduce productivity. Without a cord organizer box, a cable cover strip, and proper cable storage, wires are liable to create an unpleasant atmosphere, making it hard to relax or focus on work.
When you don’t use a power cord organizer, loose, unorganized wires can also easily cause injuries. Are your wires stretched out across your floor, or left hanging off a table or desk? If so, it’s easy to accidentally tug on or trip over cables. Tripping over cables is never fun, especially when it causes serious injury and medical bills. Plus, pulled wires can damage or break your expensive equipment. All you need to solve this problem is a good wire cover strip and cord storage box. Why skimp on a power cord organizer when it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in future expenses?
While those are all good reasons for why you may need a cord organizer set in your house or office, there is no better reason than the fact that unorganized, exposed wires are dangerous to children!

How to Child-Proof Your Wires

The idea of their child getting hurt or killed, especially by a household object, is a nightmare for parents. The thought that something you brought into your house harmed someone that you love is not a thought that anyone should have to have. But unfortunately, the statistics show that injuries and deaths caused by household objects is quite large.
Exposed, messy wires can often be a cause for dangerous electric currents that can easily shock anyone who touches them. In fact, 300 people die from electrocution every year. And, don’t forget that wires can also be a choking hazard for small children. 1,580 children suffocated to death in the US in the year 2000. Loose wires can easily lead to a child getting trapped and strangled. There are enough dangerous things in our homes, from stoves and fireplaces, to window blinds and table corners. Why let your electronic cables be another addition to the list?
A power cord organizer can eliminate the dangers that come with electric cords. With a cable cover strip, cable ties, cable clips, and a cable storage box, your wires can easily be tucked away, out of sight.
We all know that little kids are full of curiosity. Spending time playing beneath tables and desks is a part of most peoples’ childhood, yet those dark, hidden places are most commonly where our outlets and surge protectors are. Playing with cables, and unplugging and plugging them in frequently can easily lead to electric shock, or worse. With a cable storage box, your surge protectors can stay out of sight, keeping your dangerous wires away from your little ones.
There are many reasons why a cord organizer is so important, but the safety of our family members and friends is the most important.
The Black Wire Box can be put on the floor, even if you wish the floor, liquid can not came into the inside of the box. Customers love our Wire box, due you can easy lift the box up and wish below the box the dust away.

B2B Cord storage Box Price Requests

For B2B customers and other retailers who wish to contact us, please use this email address: You can expect a reply within 12 hours.

CORD Organizer Box Set Reviews

4.9 Out of 5
735 Product Ratings from US Customer
Anne – Seattle, WA
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Best cable cover strip!

This is the best cable cover strip I have ever seen. The Velcro and openings along the cable cover strip are both very good ideas. This is a good product actually. The cable cover strip made my cables especially neat. The cord storage box worked well too, but the cable cover strip is what really stood out!
Lee – Provo, UT
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Good cable cord organizer box with the best cable sleeve I’ve seen

This amazon cable management box set has the best cable sleeve that I’ve used. It is Velcro, so you can easily open and close it whenever you need to. Plus, there are holes along the sides for the wires to come out of. It’s perfect. The cable cord organizer box set came with everything you need to make your cables and cord neat. It could be a nice housewarming gift too, maybe.
Maddie - Boston, MA
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Just what I was looking for

I used some other cord storage options in the past but was never satisfied. I decided to purchase this Tokye cord storage set, and I am very pleased with the purchase. The cord storage box itself is a good size and fits under my desk neatly. The cord sleeve fits snuggly behind my desk.
Liam B. - Denver, CO
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Set up is a breeze

IIf you’re considering purchasing this cable storage product, let me tell you that it is super easy to use, and very satisfying! Step 1, put your surge protector cable storage box, step 2, wrap your cables with wire cover strip, step 3, hide cable box. Once it’s done it looks great.
Om - Brooklyn, NY
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Wire cover strip hides all my cables

Hide cable box behind your TV stand or desk, then use the wire cover strip, cable ties, and cable clips to make everything look perfect! My TV, the router box, my speakers, the amazon echo, and my play station are all in the same place. I was going crazy trying to organize them myself, and this cord storage set made the whole organization process easy. The cord sleeve is the best part.
Jasper - Detroit, MI
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Fast and affordable

This cord storage system is really great. The cord storage box can handle all my wires, the cable cover strip was really easy to use, and the cable clips are a very good idea! The whole process was pretty fast, and the cord organizer set wasn’t very expensive, which is definitely a thumbs up from me.
Emma - Boulder, CO
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Gets rid of dust!

I never really noticed how dusty my cable spaghetti got until I started trying to organize them. This cord organizer has been good at keeping dust off of my cables. The cord organizer box itself gets dusty, but it’s really easy to wipe off. The wire cover strip is easy to clean, too. Overall, this cord organizer set is a game changer!
Baretto - Chicago, IL
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Very good for baby proofing wires

We have a new baby in the house, and we’ve baby proofed just about everything you could think of. We knew we would have to baby proof our wires, too, but it seemed like such a big project so we kept procrastinating. Well, now that the baby is here, we decided it was time for a cord organizer. With the wire cover strip and the cord store box, all of our wires are basically out of sight.
Riselly - New York, NY
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A priceless cord organizer!

You really can’t put a price on living a clean & organized life. If you have a messy house, your life is going to be messy. I always try to keep my living space neat as that helps with productivity and mental health, so when I noticed my wires were becoming untamed, I knew I had to buy a cord organizer. This Tokye cord storage box and cord organizer set works perfectly.
Michael Hanson - Boston, MA
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Cord organizer keeps cables out of the way

I didn’t even know that a cord storage box or cord sleeve existed. I’ve been dealing with jumbled wires for my whole life, and now I don’t have to anymore! I’m very happy to say that this cable storage box worked very well. It got the job done. The cord sleeve was the most useful part for me, though. I put all my gaming wires into the wire cover strip to keep them separate from my TV and DVD player wires.