White Cable Management Box


Office Cable Management Box Value Set – Get your cables out of sight
Buy Tokye’s Cable Management Box set and receive an XXL Box, 4pc Cable Clips, a two-sided Cable Management Sleeve, and color-coded Cable Ties. Wire organization has never been easier. Cable Box set-up takes no more than 10 minutes and lasts for years. Wire organization has never been safer, either. Stop tripping over, pulling at, and breaking loose, tangled wires. Keep your wires safely stored and put away to prevent damage to your appliances, and injury to yourself. Keep your office area looking presentable, too. With a good cable management set, you’ll never have to deal with wire spaghetti again. Stop letting wires waste your time! Take control with Tokye’s Cable Management Box set.✔


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Cable Organizer Pros

Hides cables out of sight

Tuck your TV cables neatly away with a wire organizer to get rid of a distracting mess.

Enables a clean home cinema setup

An electronic cord organizer does away with embarrassing cable spaghetti!

Promotes easy cleaning

Less cable mess means simpler tidying up. Plus, the Tokye wire box is a breeze to clean.

Makes cables accessible

A TV cord organizer stores cables well, is easy to use, and makes untangling obsolete.

Allows for fast setup

You can set up your TV cable management wire organizer set in no more than 5-10 minutes.

Trusted worldwide

More than 2000 outstanding reviews give our electronic cord organizer positive product feedback.


Delivers top performance

As an award-winning product, you can expect only the best quality from our TV cord organizer sets.

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Pro tip:

If your devices or software often crash, it could be due to the extension cord being too long. If you are using USB extension cords with your computer cord organizer box, take note that USB 3.0 cables are only usable at 5m or less. If they are longer than this, they may cause problems.

Author: Dima Topol
Position: Founder
Last Update: August 2020


Place your cables into the cable clips, then use the colored cable ties to wrap your cables together.

Next, wrap the cables in the cable management sleeve and secure it someplace out of sight. Then, close the Velcro cable sleeve.

Now, take the ends of the wires and plug them into a surge protector. Then, place the surge protector into your computer cord organizer box.

Pro Tip: Try wrapping your cords in the cable sleeve starting at the cable clips and continue down the wires towards the cable management box, rather than starting at the cable management box and going up. This will make sure excess wire is away from your desk and easier to hide in the cable organizer box.

Finally, place your white cable organizer box on the floor. Make sure that there is no unnecessary stress or tension on your wires.

Installation Prep

To use your computer cord organizer box set, first you must unplug everything. It is dangerous to try to re-route existing connections before they are unplugged.

Next, dust everything off. The cables and cable organizer box should be clean before you put them to use. Avoid all water when cleaning electronics. Instead, use a bottle of compressed air or a feather duster.

Decide where you want to put your cable clips. Make sure to put them within reach of the cables you’ll be using often and need ready at-hand.

Once you’ve figured out the best placement for your cable clips, dust the surface off for a clean stick.

Pro Tip: To make sure you get the best stick possible, wait about 24 hours before installation.

Plan out the placement of each of your cables. This includes all laptop/desktop/computer cables, phone cables, printer cables, etc.

Our Answers to Common Questions

Q1: How long is the cable management sleeve?
A:The box is a clean, bright white.

Q2: How long is the cable management sleeve?
A:The box is a clean, bright white.
Q3: Can the cable management sleeve be cut in half to organize multiple groups of cables?
A: Yes. The cable management sleeve can easily be cut into 2 or more pieces using a normal pair of scissors.
Q4: Will hot cables damage the cable management box?
A: No. The cable management box is made of strong plastic that does not get affected by hot wires and plugs.

Q5: Is the cable management box made of any dangerous materials?
A: Each cable organizer box is BPA & PVC free, and is made of heat-resistant ABS plastic.

Want a Different Look?

We know that one color doesn’t fit all. If the white computer cord organizer box doesn’t fit with the décor of your home or office space, take a look at the other computer cord organizer box variations we offer.

Why Do You Need a PC Cable Organizer Box?

According to sciencedaily.com, the average person spends almost 6 hours a day in front of their computer. That’s not so hard to believe, since almost everything we do is digitized. So much of our lives are consumed by sitting at a desk, and we may not realize how much our desks can affect us.
A chaotic mess of sticky notes, random papers, snack wrappers, and cable spaghetti don’t only make our desk look like a disaster area, but can prevent us from focusing and getting our work done, too.

While you can easily clean up those papers and wrappers, fixing the jumble of cables underneath your desk is a much harder task. The computer, monitors, printer, scanner, speakers, pencil sharpener, and more all need to be plugged in somewhere. And when you push all those wires behind or beneath your desk, you end up creating a jumbled mess of cable spaghetti that nobody wants to have to deal with.

That’s where Tokye’s cable management box comes in.

With a good cable management box, you can easily organize all your cables and wires, making your desk area so much neater. The Tokye cable management box comes with a cable management sleeve, cable clips, colorful cable ties, and a cable organizer box. Using these computer cord organizer tools, the underside of your desk can finally look how you’ve always wanted it to.
If you’re still not convinced that you need a cable management box for your desk area, think about it this way:

• A cable management box helps to keep you on task while you work. When distracting cables aren’t an issue, there are less things to steal your attention away from what really needs to get done.

• A cable management box makes a great first impression. Don’t shock friends or colleagues with messy, tangled wires. Show them that you’re well-organized by using a cord management box.

• A cable management box makes wires accessible. It takes time to detangle chargers and other important wires when you need them. With a cable management box set, you can keep important wires handy.

• A cable management box relieves stress. You may not realize it, but a messy desk can cause stress! We already get enough stress from work. Don’t let your desk be another problem.

• A cable management box promotes efficiency. When you can quickly plug and unplug your appliances and can easily reach necessary wires, you save time. A neat desk helps make your work routine efficient.

• A cable management box encourages professionalism. Don’t let a messy desk hold you back from greatness. When you are surrounded by clutter, it’s harder to take yourself seriously. Neat surroundings, on the other hand, are a good encouragement and will push you to do your best.

Cable Organizer Box Facts

The cable organizer box lid is safe, secure, and will not fall open

Tokye Wire Organizer Fire Proof

Each cable organizer box is made of high-density ABS fireproof materials

Tokye Wire Organizer Lifespan

The cable organizer box has a lifespan of 10+ years of indoor use

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1 pc.
ABS – Flame Retardant Material
1.81 lbs

Cable Box White edition

1 pc.
Black / white
SBR (Neoprene)
0.42 lbs

Cable Sleeve

4 pc.
TPR + Gum
4 x 0.23 oz

Cable Clips

6 pc.
6 different colors
6 x 0.07 lbs

Cable Ties

Our Promise to You

All our products, including our computer cord organizer, come with a lifetime guarantee. This ensures that any purchases you make with us are risk-free.

Your well-being is our number one priority. That’s why we make each cable organizer box set with you in mind. Our products are always made with safe, high-quality materials that give you the results you’re looking for.

Why Tokye’s Why Organizer Box?

With the extensive list of computer cord organizer box sets online, you may be wondering what Tokye has to offer that other computer cord organizer companies don’t. The main thing that sets Tokye apart is the cable management tools that our computer cord organizer box set comes with. Each set comes with a cable management sleeve, cable clips, colorful cable ties, and a cable management box.
Each tool was made with simple cable management in mind. The cable sleeve keeps all your wires secure, making it impossible for them to become tangled. Plus, the cable sleeve is made with soft, bendable material. It opens lengthwise with Velcro, making it especially easy for you to access your wires. The sleeve is black on one side and white on the other, allowing you to choose which side fits with your office décor the best.
The cable ties are perfect for securing your wires and color coding them. For example, you can gather all your charging cables together using the green cable tie. Then, with the blue cable tie, you can gather all the printer cables. This makes it incredibly easy to locate specific wires.

Pro Tip: In addition to color coding your wires, try labeling them too. Labeling each wire eliminates all confusion when you need to unplug anything.

The cable clips are another essential computer cord organizer tool. Simply stick them to a flat surface as a handy place to hold the wires you need access to the most. The cable clips are especially useful for chargers. Instead of having to search for your charging cables when your phone or laptop is at 1%, the cable clips make it so that your chargers are always accessible.
Lastly, the cable management box holds your surge protector and any excess lengths of cables, keeping them out of sight and protected from the elements.

Cleaning Made Easy with a Cable Organizer Box

A well-cleaned workspace is often necessary for a productive workspace, but it’s also necessary for good health! Allergies, asthma, and even rashes can all be caused by dust, and unfortunately, dusting an office space is not easy. Cleaning the surface of your desk, printer, bookshelves, and file cabinets is challenging enough, but what most people forget about is that wires can collect dust, too.

Why let your office space cause you health issues? With a cable organizer box set, you won’t have to deal with dusting off loose wires. Once your wires are neatly stored away in a cable management box, dust will have a much harder time forming on the wires, meaning that there is less for you to have to clean.

Plus, the cable management box itself and the computer cord organizer sleeve, are incredibly easy to clean. Just wipe them down! It barely takes a minute. Plus, with a cable management box, your wires will take up less space, making it easier for a broom or vacuum to get into those tight spaces it couldn’t get to before.

A cable management box is an important part office cleanliness, physical health, and mental health, too!

As we mentioned before, a neat environment promotes efficiency, relieves stress, and helps keep you on track. It has also been proven that a tidy workspace promotes healthy eating habits and generosity! It’s amazing what effects our environment has on us. These effects shouldn’t go unnoticed. If you want yourself, your work colleagues, and your employees to feel positive and productive at work, a cable cord organizer box set is crucial.

The White Wire Box can be put on the floor, even if you wish the floor, liquid can not came into the inside of the box. Customers love our Wire box, due you can easy lift the box up and wish below the box the dust away.

B2B Wire Box Price Requests

If you are a retailer or B2B customer and want to reach us, please get in contact with us at B2B@tokye.com. All requests are replied to within 12 hours.

A Cable Organizer Box Can Save You Money

The reasons for using a cord organizer box are many, but they are especially helpful in the office. In large office spaces, wires can be hard to organize. Most of the time, companies leave wires exposed, not caring to neatly store them out of sight with a cable cord organizer box. This means that wires are often trailing along the floor or are in a jumbled mess beneath everyone’s desks.

Loose, exposed wires are easy to accidentally tug and trip on, especially when they’re stretched across the floor. Tripping on a wire not only causes injury, but can break the wire and the piece of technology it is attached to. In fact, according to bls.gov, in any given year in the US, there are 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries. Don’t be a statistic!
Don’t pay thousands of dollars in medical bills and repairs, and don’t take time out of your workday to deal with accidents that can easily be avoided by using a cable cord organizer box.
With a cable organizer box set, you can easily organize office cables, keeping them out of walkways and off the floor. A good computer cord organizer box set is easy to use, and once the wires are neatly put away, you’ll never have to deal with them again.
Not only will a cable management box set save you time and money and prevent injury, but it will also show your employees that you care about their safety and wellbeing. If you are in charge of employees, it’s important to let them know that they are being looked out for by their employer. This helps with employee loyalty, and also boosts their moral and work ethic.
So, what are you waiting for? If your office space has exposed wires, don’t wait for the next accident to happen. Save money and time by using a cable management box set.
Customer Feedbacks
4.9 Out of 5
735 Product Ratings from US Customer
Robbie - Richmond, VA
Robbie - Richmond, VA
United States
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An amazing cable management box for desk organization

The cable sleeve was very useful, but I wish it was longer. With the cable management box, I managed to take care of all my desk cables. I went to Lowes and my local hardware store looking for some kind of computer cord organizer box, but didn’t find anything I liked. So, I went to google and typed ‘amazon cable management.’ I very quickly found this box! It was the perfect amazon cable management box I could ask for. Just what I needed.
Lee – Provo, UT
Lee – Provo, UT
United States
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Good cable cord organizer box with the best cable sleeve I’ve seen

This amazon cable management box set has the best cable sleeve that I’ve used. It is Velcro, so you can easily open and close it whenever you need to. Plus, there are holes along the sides for the wires to come out of. It’s perfect. The cable cord organizer box set came with everything you need to make your cables and cord neat. It could be a nice housewarming gift too, maybe.
Hannah Domke – Chattanooga, TN
Hannah Domke – Chattanooga, TN
United States
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Very good customer service

There are a lot of reasons for liking this computer cord organizer box set, mainly that it is inexpensive, good quality, versatile, and easy to use. I was getting tired of having to deal with messy cables around my desk, so I gave in and bought an amazon cable management box set. I’m pleased with my purchase. This is a pretty good quality cord organizer box.
Bronson B – New York, NY
Bronson B – New York, NY
United States
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Amazon cable management box does just what it claims

I have a desk basically overflowing with cords. My monitor, printer, router, speakers, and computer all have more than 1 cord. The mess was starting to drive me crazy. I’m really glad the surge protector fits inside the cord organizer box, and I’m happy to say that my desk finally looks neat for the first time in years.
Rylan d – Brattleboro, VT
Rylan d – Brattleboro, VT
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An amazon cable management box that fits cords nicely

This amazon cable management box is worth the price. At first, I thought it was too expensive, but after ordering it, I found that it did a very good job in organizing my cables. I can easily clean behind my desk and I can keep my office much cleaner than before. So, I think the price is definitely a good deal for this cord organizer box set.
Carlos P. – Los Angeles, CA
Carlos P. – Los Angeles, CA
United States
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Quality cord management box that solves the problem

This is a great cord management box at a great value. We didn’t realize that we had such a wire problem until my parents visited for the weekend and pointed out the mess. I guess over the years me and my wife just got used to the nest of wires we were living in. Anyways, this amazon cable management box is a great product. It got the job done!
MeganO – New York, NY
MeganO – New York, NY
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You need this cable organizer box set!

I don’t usually write reviews on things I buy online, but in this case, I thought that I had to. I really loved using this cable organizer box set. I like organizing, so this was right up my alley. I organize most of the things I own, but never really knew how to organize my wires. Using the cord organizer box, organizing my wires was made really simple. I especially loved the colorful cable ties. They were a fun touch!